Definition of Bids

Formal Bid - A formal bid meets all bidding suggestions.

Token Bid - A token bid is a practice presentation for feedback and guidance to better enable the bidder with insights for preparing future bids.

Walk-in Bid - A walk-in bid is a spontaneous bid with little or no previous preparation.



PENNSCYPAA Hotel Contracts from Prior Years


Future of PENNSCYPAA  We are looking for your support to ensure the future of PENNSCYPAA as a statewide conference.  It would be ideal to have cities and towns from all over Pennsylvania not only attending, but also bidding to host future conferences.  We ask everyone to carry the message back to your home group, district, intergroup, sponsees, sponsors, and peers.

How do I bring PENNSCYPAA to my city?  You must meet the bid suggestions.  The PENNSCYPAA Advisory Council hosts a workshop providing information about how to make a bid.  Bids are accepted each year at the conference for the following year and a determination is reached.  Every year, the PENNSCYPAA Advisory Council – the custodian of the PENNSCYPAA experience, made up of members from previous host committees – decides “whose house is going to have the party” next time.  

Bidding Suggestions

  1. Create a roster of committee members: Chair, Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Site/Hotel Chair, Outreach Chair, Events Chair, etc.
  2. Prepare a “Need Statement” describing the benefits of hosting PENNSCYPAA in the city or region.
  3. Provide financial records from all committee activities and demonstrate financial autonomy and responsibility.
  4. Obtain letters of support from the Area and the Intergroup and/or regional counterpart.
  5. Detail committee’s efforts to engage in service to AA.
  6. Include list and/or flyers demonstrating committee's outreach efforts and events.
  7. Propose date(s) for PENNSCYPAA that avoid other AA conferences held in the state, preferably within 30 days.
  8. Obtain commitment for proposed date(s) from at least two facilities able to accommodate the entire conference, both in sleeping rooms and meeting space. Facility should accommodate:​​
    1. Theater-style space with the capacity to seat 500-750 people​
    2. Hospitality Room (traditionally accessible around the clock) ​​
    3. Marathon Meeting Room (continuous around the clock meetings) with seating for approximately 50 people 
    4. Archives Room where artifacts from all previous PENNSCYPAAs are displayed (must be either locked at night or artifacts secured some other way to prevent theft or damage) 
    5. Meeting space to seat 25-35 people conference-style for Advisory to conduct their closed business/voting meetings. 
    6. Space designated for outreach tables for other YPAA committees, Area committee displays, or other AA committees.

After hosting PENNSCYPAA, 60% of a committee’s remaining monies is donated to PENNSCYPAA Advisory Council for operating expenses (in addition to the return of the $1,000 seed money).

“Bid Book” Submission: 

  1. Bid committees are required to submit their final bid packets seven days prior to the conference via email  to
  2. Any changes made after the deadline can be submitted as an addendum.
  3. If bid books are submitted 60 days in advance of the conference, Advisory Council will review and provide feedback and recommendations.
  4. Physical copies of the bid book (at least 5) should be printed for Advisory Council to review at the conference.